The Advantages of Using Direct Marketing and Leaflet Distribution

By on July 28, 2013

[box type=”info”] In this post our guest blogger Irina Ferreira takes about the advantes of direct marketing and leaflet distribution.[/box]

This is one of our most asked questions and whilst the truth is that the advantages of using leaflet distribution services in an advertising campaign will vary between each business using the service, there are some clear advantages which will enhance the benefits of such a campaign for all businesses.

Targeted Service

Direct Marketing is a targeted service, which offers the advantage of delivering your company’s message to identified existing or potential clients in a targeted and well-defined way, unlike the expensive, scatter-gun approach of mass marketing.  However, the advantage in the targeted nature of this form of direct marketing is that it can also be flexible, so if a business needs to target certain, defined geographical areas or demographic and exclude others, this can also be achieved.

Defined Markets

Similarly, leaflet distribution allows for direct mailing to target markets that may be defined by a range of factors, including geography, customer demographic, business addresses and new or existing client base, for example.  When precise market research is conducted in advance of a direct marketing campaign, it’s possible to define those markets which should receive the leaflets, thus maximising both the advantage from using the direct approach and the cost-effectiveness of the campaign.

Multiple Use

Leaflet distribution doesn’t have to be solely about advertising for new customers.  One of the distinct advantages of direct marketing through leaflet distribution is the adaptability of the leaflets themselves, which may be used:

  • To introduce a business to the neighbourhood.
  • To establish a neighbourhood ‘presence’, particularly important if your business base is online.
  • To include discount vouchers and special offers.
  • To offer customer rewards to existing customers only (another target market to remember).
  • To introduce new members of your staff team to an existing and potential customer base.
  • To give information about the services (or new services) your company is now offering.

The Personal Touch

As well as defining leaflet content to achieve what’s needed in respect of your business, leaflet distribution marketing also offers the advantage of allowing businesses to personalise the content of their leaflets, perhaps to appeal to an identified current or potential customer base.   In some cases, it’s possible to personalise some elements of the same print job, for example to add in extra images or alternative language sections, in order to directly deliver the content towards an identified group of potential customers.

Message Received

Many other marketing methods, such as mass-marketing, newspaper advertising, radio ads, on-line banner ads or email campaigns, have the distinct disadvantage of being extremely easy to ignore, delete or turn off by the thousands of people who will regard it as irrelevant or, worse, annoying.  A directly targeted leaflet distribution campaign has the advantage of already being targeted towards those people who are likely to find your company or service relevant to them, which greatly increases your chance of your message being received and acted upon.

[box type=”bio”] Irina is an online marketing strategist and represents CWT Advertising.[/box]

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