What are the different Types of Retailers?

By on November 16, 2011

Retailing as we have seen, is the last link in the supply chain. Retailers act as the interface between the final consumers and the product. They display the products available and facilitate easy sale for the manufacturer and easy product selection for the consumers. There are different types of retailers offering different services to consumers. Lets have a brief look into the types of retailers, and the services they offer.

Before we categorize the type of retailers, we should understand the Indian scenario. There are two major types of retailing in India. Organized retailing and unorganized retailing. An organized retailer is one who issues a tax invoice to the customer upon purchase, and pays sales tax and other related taxes. Unorganized retailer is one who does not. The usual mom and pop stores, or kirana stores form part of this category. We analyse the different types of organized retailers here.

Retailers are boradly classified based on the following parameters

  • Store based: Normally known as brick-and-mortar retailers
  • Non-Store based: E-stores, Online Retailers, TV Retailers, Direct Mail Retailers
  • Size: Drug Store, Convenience Store, Supermarket, Hypermarkets
  • Merchandise: Speciality stores, Department Stores,
  • Brands: Single Brand, Multi-Brand
  • Pricing: Discount stores, Cash and Carry, Wholesale Club

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