How to Increase Sales Through Free Giveaways

By on December 3, 2012

In this post our guest blogger Andrew Mills talks about how free product giveaways helps promote your brand and increase sales.

The use of promotional products by businesses has been around as long as there has been organized business. If a business has a company logo (all should) it must strive to imprint that logo on to the customers or clients psyche. Advertising is the best way to accomplish this and one of the best and most cost effective forms of advertising is the use of promotional products or giveaways as they are referred to in the advertising and marketing world. All businesses need to grow in order to compete with the other businesses in their industries. A small edge up on the competition can sometimes be the difference between success and failure or just marginally getting by. It is actually an unnecessary risk to not advertise and the use of promotional products often provides that edge.

Everyone Loves Free Stuff

Distributing promotional products is an easy and effective way of promoting company image and goodwill. People love to get free stuff. Promotional products such as pens, mugs, calendars, tee shirts, wrist bands and free samples will never be turned down by the client. The promotional products will most likely be used by the client/customer thus serving as a subtle but constant reminder of the business relationship with the company who provided the giveaway. Promotional items are very effective because they can be targeted to a specific type of clientele or to the general population of potential customers.

Business Campaign Planning

When a business decides to go with promotional products as a form of advertising, marketing or goodwill promotion, a campaign must be formulated. This should not be a haphazard decision with an unspecified plan. The campaign needs to be thought out with a return on investment mindset. Product marketing is usually cost effective but it is still an above the line expense that has to be spent wisely. If the marketing campaign covers the general audience of customers, small inexpensive items like pens, mugs and post it notes will most likely be chosen. This keeps costs under control while reaching a large customer population.

Big or Small Giveaways

If a targeted audience (usually the high end customer for more expensive items or bulk purchases) is the distribution goal, then more elaborate and expensive promos are in order. For example, a high end auto dealer may promote the small giveaways to the general public walk-in potential customer while promoting more expensive products such as gift cards with the business logo or a collectible limited edition model as an incentive to the established customer or fleet buyer. In either case the goal of increasing business and establishing goodwill and future business will have been achieved. The return on investment in either scenario will be significant if the campaign is properly managed.

An Essential Business Tool

The use of promotional products is an essential tool in a business’ marketing toolbox. When properly used, promotional giveaways will attract new customers, increase new and repeat sales, create goodwill and establish name and logo recognition. Any company not using this proven marketing strategy is destined to failure.

Andrew Mills, with LogoToYou, is a marketing and advertising enthusiast who enjoys learning and sharing his knowledge and passion for marketing. He spends most of his time reading about the methods and techniques used to market and advertise.

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