What are Focus Groups?

By on December 8, 2011

A focus group is a tool used for qualitative research.  It consists of a group of people who are asked about their opinions, perceptions, or beliefs, about a product, service, packaging, idea, concept or an advertisement. People are free to discuss among themselves about the same.

Marketers use focus groups to solicit feedback about a product/service. Focus groups are also a very important marketing tool, which is used by companies who are planning to launch a new product, service, or packaging. Such companies use focus groups to test the product and obtain feedback about the product before it is launched in the market. This provides valuable information about the potential market response towards the product.

In general focus group interviews are conducted by a moderator among small groups of people. The following are the various types of focus groups

  • Two way focus group: Here one focus group oversees the other group’s discussion, discusses the observed interaction and draws conclusion/inference
  • Dual moderator focus group: One moderator ensures that the session progresses smoothly, while the other ensures all the topics are covered
  • Duelling moderator focus group: Two moderators take opposite sides on the issue deliberately
  • Respondent moderator focus group: Only one of the participants is asked to act as moderator temporarily
  • Client participant focus group: One of the clients takes part in the discussion
  • Teleconference focus group: Discussion happens over a telephonic conference call
  • Online focus group: Computers and internet are used. This may take form in videoconference, online forums, communities, or chat rooms.

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