A Tech Savvy City Sells Computers on Streets!!!

By on September 16, 2012

For everyone who thinks that Bangalore is an IT richies’ city, wait a moment. You got to read this. It is about the other side of Bangalore. This post is dedicated to the legendary ‘Flea Market’ or the ‘Sunday Bazaar’.
Almost the central location of Bangalore, KR Market gives us a complete different feel and takes us into astonishment. The first feeling that you might get is “Am I really at the heart of the city?” Especially for those who have never visited places other than expensive malls, multiplexes and IT parks.

Chor Bazaar

People moving in hap hazardous manner, cows lying down in the middle of the road, autos being considered as luxury transportation, all kinds of noise from vehicles, animals and hawkers capable of selling things from used shoes to historic computers!!!

I saw people so excited and crowded in front of a folding bed. Out of curiosity peeping into the crowd, I found that they were selecting clothes from a pile of used clothes. Used and torn shoes were also among the hot favourites. Not even at an improved condition, but the same way they were thrown away.

You won’t believe, there were a lot of old brass vessels and It was fun searching for the Alladin’s lamp. (In one ways to get a genie who will take me away from dat crowded place ASAP). My friend says there is not a finite list of things you can get from that place.

alladin, crazy

Adding to my excitement, despite the unusual surroundings, certain things came to rescue the “Bangalore printed in our heads”. Yipee!!! Pen-drives on the street. That too used ones. All sorts of mobile phones, batteries, laid on a dirty sheet almost to the extent that we cannot make out what material it is made of.

computers, mobiles, smart phones

Tears started flowing from my eyes when I found computers sold around the corner. The moment of ecstasy, adding to the woes of Obama. I now understand why he keeps fearing Bangalore students(myself being one!). Bill gates’ dream has surpassed its limits way ahead. Computers (possibly the ones Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan might have used for administration :p) on streets that too on a rainy day!!!

Experts (people who buy stuff from here) say that there is no fixed price for anything that is available here. It is all about negotiation and experience of handling those hawkers (or technology sales people rather). I was personally abused by a kid who almost half my height. The only mistake I did was terming the 32 GB pen drive that he was selling to be duplicate!!!

For all records, it was a complete different shopping experience for me and I never thought Bangalore has its own Chor Bazaar. Hats off to the hawkers, as they are capable of teaching MBAs and Engineers like us. Truth is that anything can be sold to anyone and trick is to just catch the pulse of the buyer and convince them that it works!!! I could not resist myself from buying a joy stick, unless I found it was soaked in water.

So, my suggestion is that it is one of the must-visit places of Bangalore. At least, for guys to take your girl friends. Trust me. That could be the only shopping experience of yours where you end up not buying anything for her!

Thanks a lot to Raghunath T.D., my friend for helping me explore this place. And take my words, ensure you go with a local guy who can talk the local language, coz it is one of the rare places in Bangalore where Hindi is not the local language. 😉

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