What is Brand Recall?

By on January 16, 2012

In market research, we often hear the use of the terms recall, aided recall and unaided recall. These terms are all a subset of Brand recall. Brand recall is the extent to which a brand name is recalled by the respondent, or the audience, as being part of a brand, product or a service.

Commonly, it is regarded that high level of unaided recall is beneficial for the brand. This is because unaided recall is nothing but the first brand name which comes to the mind of the respondent. It is often known as top of the mind recall. Eg: A respondent may be asked to list all the names of cars he knows, or the list of shampoos that he/she uses. Companies look for high levels of unaided recall with respect to competition. This is because of the fact that the first recalled brand has a distinct competitive advantage and also is the first brand for evaluation or purchase.

Aided recall on the other hand measures the extent to which a brand name is remembered. Eg. a respondent might be asked, whether he knows of the Brand “Bajaj”, or does he remember the advertisement of a particular brand. This aids in capturing, how well a respondent, is aware of the brand.

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