World’s Top 100 Brands Part 3

By on November 28, 2011

A series of posts on World’s Top 100 brands, segregated on the basis of their brand positioning. This list is not a ranking of brands, but merely an indicator of how the world’s top brands have successfully positioned themselves. This list is based on the book Brand Royalty: How the World’s Top Hundred Brands Thrive and Survive (Matt Heig, Kogan Page, UK).

Distinction Brands

  1. Pepsi: The Differentiation Brand
  2. Hush Puppies: The Casual Brand
  3. Timex: The Durability Brand
  4. Evian: The Purity Brand
  5. Duracell: The Longer-Lasting Brand
  6. Danone: The Health Brand
  7. Heineken: The Export Brand

Status Brands

  1. Rolex: The Superior Brand
  2. Courvoisier: The Mystery Brand
  3. Louis Vuitton: The Desirable Brand
  4. Moet & Chandon: The Vintage Brand
  5. Burberry: The Heritage Brand
  6. BMW: The Defining Brand
  7. Gucci: The Exclusive Brand
  8. Tiffany & Co.: The Sparkling Brand

People Brands

  1. Oprah Winfrey: The Savior Brand
  2. Jennifer Lopez: The Superstar Brand
  3. David Beckham: The Icon Brand

Responsibility Brands

  1.  Johnson & Johnson: The Crisis Management Brand
  2. Ben & Jerry’s: The Caring Brand
  3. Seeds of Change: The Goodness Brand
  4. HP: The Employees Brand

Broad Brands

  1. Yamaha: The Ignored Brand
  2. Caterpillar: The Rugged Brand
  3. Virgin: The Elastic Brand

Emotion Brands

  1. Apple: The Cult Brand
  2. Harley Davidson: The Masculine Brand
  3. Zippo: The Longevity Brand
  4. Jack Daniel’s: The Personality Brand
  5. Chrysler: The Romance Brand
  6. Guiness: The Timeless Brand

Design Brands

  1. IKea: The Democratic Brand
  2. Audi: The Advancement Brand
  3. Bang & Olufsen: The Improvement Brand
  4. Muji: The Minimal Brand
  5. Vespa: The Beautiful Brand
  6. Converse: The Heritage Brand
  7. Volkswagen: The Longevity Brand

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