Top 3 Reasons to Implement a Distributed Marketing Management Platform

By on September 19, 2013

This article is contributed by Amanda Elam of Earthintegrate.

If your business operates within a distributed marketing model then you are most likely familiar with the unique complications and obstacles associated with this system. The distributed marketing model can make the already difficult task of marketing effectively even more challenging, but distributed marketing management software can help your business resolve many of these issues. There are a number of reasons to implement a distributed marketing management platform four your distributed marketing business, but these are the top three reasons to do so.

Maintain Consistency and Ensure Compliance

One of the most prominent reasons for implementing a distributed marketing management platform (DMMP) into your company is to maintain a level of brand consistency and ensure compliance with possible regulations.

Under a distributed marketing system, maintaining brand consistency can be difficult because there are various different regional offices operating independently. Without retaining a certain level of brand consistency, it is possible that your overall brand could be weakened.

Another issue regarding consistency pertains to compliance. In some industries there are certain rules and regulations in regards to marketing. If you do not make sure to maintain a level of consistency in your marketing, you run the risk of failing to comply with these regulations which can often result in harsh penalties.

Customization of Marketing Collateral

Another major reason to integrate a DMMP into your business processes is to allow for easy customization of your marketing collateral.

The inability to customize marketing collateral is often one of the biggest challenges associated with the distributed marketing model. Local or regional divisions often lack the resources or ability to modify marketing materials to better fit their particular market, which diminishes the effectiveness of those materials.

Through a DMMP, local branches are given the capability to adjust marketing collateral to make it more appropriate for their specific audience. By catering these marketing materials to their particular market, regional offices can increase the efficacy of their marketing efforts and increase sales.

Track Valuable Marketing Metrics and Data

Finally, the ability to track useful marketing metrics and data is another reason you should introduce a DMMP into your business.

The information you can derive from metrics and hard data can often be the basis for many of the decisions you make. In regards to marketing, this information can be invaluable as it can help you determine which marketing campaigns are working and which are not. A DMMP can automatically compile reports that can provide you with the information necessary to determine where you should be spending your marketing dollars to maximize efficiency and increase profit.

These are the three main reasons as to why you should apply a DMMP within your distributed marketing business. While these are the three most prominent motivating factors to consider, there are many reasons to introduce a DMMP into your company. If you operate within a distributed marketing system then you are probably aware of the challenges it presents; by implementing a DMMP for your business you can find effective and actionable solutions for these unique challenges.

Amanda Elam is the Marketing Director at EarthIntegrate and an expert in the field of enterprise marketing. When she’s not writing about the value of a distributed marketing management platform, Amanda enjoys taking her crazy dogs for a walk.  

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