The 6 Primary Advantages of Team Building Activities

By on November 22, 2016

The 6 Primary Advantages of Team Building Activities

The 6 Primary Advantages of Team Building Activities

The employees of an organisation are its true assets; without them, organisations cannot achieve true success in a world where customers and clients want to be associated with brands as well as businesses.
In fact, it is the employees who bring in customers, working hard to retain their loyalty and drive sales for the company time and time again. It is, therefore, extremely important for business owners to ensure their employees are well-placed according to their skills and adequately supported in a team environment.

This is true for employees working in all departments of an organisation, but it is even more crucial for the marketing department. Support and encouragement, recognition of achievement and incorporating well-planned team building activities are some of the best ways to maintain a happy, confident, motivated, efficient, and satisfied workforce.
However, it’s not just about increasing productivity or completing projects on time; the benefits of team building go well beyond this.

Enhances the Team’s Capabilities

The main purpose of a team in any business is to work together to produce awe-inspiring results; if there’s lack of communication or discord between team members, there will be a knock-on effect. Processes will diminish and efficiency will slip, limiting the team’s ability to produce the high-quality results that you expect.

Team building activities not only help to improve teamwork and promote harmony among team members, but they will also learn how to handle each other’s weaknesses and strengths, capitalising on the merits of one another to drive the department – and business- forward.
This is an incredibly important part of building a culture in your business that is both supportive and encouraging to all.

Improves Communication

Communication is a huge factor that can make or breaks a team; without communication, there will be no results, just arguments and conflict.
By evaluating the areas within a team that need some work, you can help your employees learn how to communicate with each other effectively, using various forms of communication, both non-verbal and verbal. Body language is a big part of this, so addressing this is vital if you want team communication to improve.

This simple act will ensure that your marketing department – and other teams, too – are reading from the same page in harmony.

Builds Leadership Qualities

A team without a leader can often flounder around, lacking direction. Too many alpha personalities will lead to conflict, whereas an abundance of team workers can lead to stagnant campaigns – it is important to redress this balance.
Team building activities can help business owners and senior management identify the individuals on a team that have leadership qualities, as well as highlighting any holes they may have within a team.
Employing a team leader from outside of the business can lead to existing team members feeling undervalued and lacking in motivation. Build up existing employees by recognising their key skills and working with them to improve the team dynamic.

Creates Bonds

Some time away from the 9-5 day working on team building is a great way of giving team members the chance to build personal relationships with one another, as well as professional. This, in turn, breeds a culture of mutual respect and trust, which will continue to grow when back in the office environment.

Instils the Importance of Having Fun

These personal relationships will lead to increased productivity – which is great for the business, but it will also mean that it is more important than ever before to make the working day less stressful and more fun. This will keep stress levels to a minimum and create a real sense of team spirit in the workplace.

Everyone Becomes More Responsible

The act of team building is perfect for defining roles within the team. While many individuals are multi-faceted, many more are specialists in their fields. Understanding these areas of strength through team building is critical for a team to perform well. Employees that can trust each other to get the job done are more efficient and productive, too.
There are many more benefits of team building to be gained, with just a little nudge in the right direction!

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