What is Smarketing?

By on September 20, 2014

smarketingSmarketing is strategic integration of sales and marketing to drive growth for a business. The objective of smarketing is to ensure that the sales and marketing teams have the same vision and cooperate with each other to maximize their efforts.

When the marketing team works closely with the sales team and supply them content and insights that help them close more sales and the sales team in turn provides the marketing team useful consumer buying and behavior insights to the marketing team, they are doing smarketing.

According to a research by the Aberdeen Group in 2010, companies that aligned their sales and marketing functions achieved 20% business growth.

Factors responsible for Successful Smarketing

  • Proper communication flow between sales and marketing teams
  • Use of data wherever necessary to compliment the process of each other
  • The firm follows a policy of closed loop reporting, i.e. the sales team tells the marketing teams which leads got closed out of all the leads they generated and thus the marketing team focuses on generating more such leads.
  • Both the sales and marketing teams communicate the same message to the customer

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