Marketing and Business: A “Fun” Brand architect Talks

By on March 22, 2013

Marketers over the years have been very traditional. Full page ads, Television ads, Branding, Jargon, and charts. Well those are key to a successful marketing campaign, but here is a different take on marketing from one of the world’s most successful, and “fun” brands’ top boss, yes, Sir Richard Branson from Virgin.

How many of us take marketing as a fun activity? and engage in friendly duel with rival brands?(like Virgin did with BA). I believe that this philosophy is not brand or industry centric, every brand can have fun, and any brand can have fun. Just required is an accommodative bent of mind, maybe? Let us know what you think of your favourite brands, and how they have fun. Are you a marketer who has fun? Share your experience in the comments below.

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Arvind believes that “Marketing is a function, inherent in every human being. A post graduate in Retail Management, he has worked with retail companies like Shoppers Stop and Spar, before venturing out on his own, and now is a successful entrepreneur running a manufacturing business. Click here to know more about him.