Using Geofencing for Location Based Advertising

By on November 8, 2013

What Is Geofencing?


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This is a type of technology that lets you set a geographic radius around a particular location (typically your store or trade show stall) and make an invisible fence, and then deliver advertisements (in the form of text messages, email alerts, etc through mobile device) to anyone within four miles around that spot and is using the geofencing app.  With this technology, you can not only target specific ads to your local prospective customers but also deliver relevant content to them as you gather data. This increases the chance that once they receive a geofencing type of ad, they’ll check out your storefront or your display stand at the trade show, wanting more information.

Tips On Using Geofencing

If you plan on using geofencing to try and attract more customers, follow some of these suggestions. To begin, you need to build your geofences. While you may want one near your storefront, you also need to analyze where your typical customers hang out and put one near there as well. If you’re going to be showcasing some new apparel or jewellery at an expo, target a geofence around that so you find some potential customers.

In addition, choose your radius and message carefully. It pays to set up the geofence within four to five miles of your targeted located so that customers do not have to travel far. You also need to decide what the message should entail, picking items that will appeal to consumers and make them want to check out your storefront and display stands as soon as possible.  As getting advertisements is often annoying, make them creative and eye-catching while detailing current promotions.

Using Display Stands Once You’ve Gotten The Consumers

Once you have established your geofences and sent them out to some potential customers, prepare a display stand at both your storefront and at some local trade and exhibition shows, showcasing your current specials. In addition to pop display stands, think about showcasing some cardboard display stands or wood display stands showing off your merchandise. Many companies will work with you so you feature graphics and your logo prominently throughout the stand and display the merchandise on the difference shelves.

For those featuring and selling accessories and jewellery, consider investing in some blue leatherette displays. They feature smaller displays to hold 12 pairs of earrings or 10 rings, but you can also showcase entire collections on larger displays, which feature necklace displays, earring stands, pendant stands, and ring holders. These will entice your customers better as they can see everything laid out easily.

Geofencing ad

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Putting Geofencing To Work

If you know you’re having an upcoming promotion, or are going to be promoting items at a local trade show, set up a geofencing radius near the event or where you’ve researched your potential customers tend to hang out. This way, you’ll catch some of them at the event and others will see your promotions online.

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