Right Timing for a Leaflet Distribution Campaign

By on November 24, 2013

leaflet distributionbIt might seem that it goes without saying that seasonality can directly affect the success (or otherwise) of your leaflet distribution campaign: after all, you wouldn’t send your leaflet full of Christmas Cheer and festive freebies out in January, would you?  However, there may be a little more to it than just bearing the seasons in mind, so you might want to consider your own questions of timing in relation to your leaflet distribution campaign:

Are you offering a very seasonal promotion?

If so, timing is absolutely crucial – send too early and your target customers might have forgotten or lost their leaflet, but send it too late and those potential clients might already have other plans.  Identify exactly the schedule you need and then ensure that your leaflet distribution company can accommodate you.

Whose timing are you trying to fit in with?

Consider exactly whose timing needs would be the best to respond to when scheduling your leaflet distribution.   There are many possible examples to inspire you:

  • If you sell an item which generally suffers each time the dreaded Government Budget Day arrives, you might want to time your campaign and any special offers within it to give your customers the maximum deal possible, such as offering pre-budget specials to get your advertisement noticed.
  • Alternatively, you might base your campaign to come just after a budget hike – many businesses did this when V.A.T rose: ‘frozen’ VAT suddenly became a huge customer incentive, so taking a good look at how budget or general price increases impact on your customers can really help you to time the ultimate campaign.
  • If you have your own ‘quiet time’ such as in the Summer holidays, you might want to consider whether this would be a good time to gain new business or weigh up your chances of actually getting new customers during the holiday season.  Market research and knowing your customer demographic will help you considerably with this.

High days, national holidays… can any day be special?

Direct marketing is such a flexible tool that even the most obscure of birthdays or celebration days can be used to trigger a marketing campaign which catches the imagination and attention.  This works particularly well if your marketing strategy targets a local demographic. Whatever the season, major events in your town could be used as a vehicle for special discounts and incentives which highlight your community profile and bring local attention to your business or product.

Is there such a thing as tactical timing?

Tactical timing of your campaign includes considering things like seasonal fluctuations and economic influences, but can also be used to enhance a major campaign.  Tactical, timed offers are those which supermarkets are adept at offering in return for customer loyalty, the “spend £40 this week and get £5 off next week” kind of deal.  However, this approach is not just the privilege of the supermarkets and if you want to generate repeat income for your business, using tactical timing within your campaign might help – just give careful consideration to the calendar and make sure that your offer goes out at a time when you can accommodate any extra work this campaign might generate.

This article is contributed by Paul M. Moore. Paul is a CWTadvertising.com Marketing Specialist with over 15 years’ experience in the Marketing field and Direct Marketing Techniques.

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