Why Content Marketing Will Always be Important

By on October 21, 2015

Without a doubt in this SEO professional’s mind, content marketing isn’t a fad. It isn’t going anywhere, and it’s a must for your business. Here are a few reasons why content marketing isn’t going anywhere.

Yes, the dust always appears to settle on all things web-related; from methodologies to the very tools we execute them with, the wild web has been evolving even to this day, so many years after we saw text fly across a screen for the very first time.

Content marketing has been around since before we even knew what to call it. Today, “content marketing” represents different meanings to different folks, and not everyone understands the fundamental moving parts and how it all comes together –and this is probably not so good.

In order to do anything effectively, it is important to first fully understand the Whys, Whats and Hows of content marketing –so let’s take it from the top.

What is Content Marketing?

what is content marketing

Digital Search Group in Australia defines content marketing as the process of publishing and sharing content with the goal of increasing your brand’s visibility within its market which will build reputation in turn.

While link building is a large part when it comes to content marketing, good content means quality first, links second. And rightly so; if you’re doing content marketing right, the links will come. If you wear your true intentions a little too proudly, people can smell link bait from a mile away. And so can Google.

Pull Marketing

The internet makes it possible for netizens to be in direct control of their relationship to brands. Back in the old days of marketing, older technologies were ‘push only’. Print, television, and radio simply couldn’t quickly interact with their audiences –in real time, anyway. They were pushers.

This new pull marketing approach puts control in the hands of the audience, and as such, marketers need to provide value. Real world value.

Instead of shallow jingles and barking orders to make a purchase, brands can now associate themselves with that feeling of helping their audience learn something new or solve a problem. And it works because now solutions are being found by choice. Buy-in is always less further away when a prospective customer initiates the engagement.

Your Way, The Right Away

Another item on the list of content marketing dos (and don’ts) is to be visible where your audience is. When TV had 9 channels, this was easy. Nowadays Google is the world’s largest TV Guide of sorts; the new way that people find what media they’d like to consume. Except Google isn’t the only way your brand messaging can be found. 9 channels were easy to handle; if the internet were television, there would be billions of channels and it would be easy to get lost!

The trick with content marketing is to go where your audience is. If that means sharing content via walled gardens like Facebook or Twitter then so be it. Of course, never go whole hog into a social platform without a call to action which pulls visitors into a funnel of sorts.

Walled gardens are a great source of traffic because they market themselves so well, and they rank the highest in search. It’s easy and virtually free to leverage their presence yourself.

People of Influence

And of course, social media walled gardens aren’t the only resource to be leveraged here –their users can be, too.

Social Media

Media producers, bloggers, and influencers of every feather can share their traffic wealth if you’re able to appeal to them. With people of influence, it’s easy to un-promote, un-sell, and not come off like a pusher. It’s all about relationships!

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