10 Common Mistakes To Avoid For Social Media Marketing

By on January 8, 2014

Social Media Marketing

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With so many social media sites and the regular changes on them, it is not unusual to find yourself confused and not being able to figure out the perfect social media marketing strategies and make some blunders. Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid:

#1 Lack of commitment to social media marketing

Businesses tend to get all pumped up about their new and innovative pages on Facebook, but within months forget all about it. The solution is to embrace the business on social media as a daily affair and have a social media strategy. There needs to be a weekly strategy with systematic goals. Without a plan, you cannot really proceed.

#2 You have designed it, now customers will come

You think you have a great looking profile and you have filled out all details with precision; seems like your job is done here! Oh wait! Not yet! There is a need to update your page on a daily basis, maintaining a regular schedule and answering queries or acknowledging appreciations by your followers. Whats the point of a communication platform when you cannot keep up with the communicators?

#3 Too much of automation

When you share too many posts on your page, what you tend to do is, scare away your fans. They would either ‘unlike’ your posts or hide them eventually. You can post on each site differently rather than posting about one on another. Schedule your posts with the tool Post Planner which would enable you to control your posts. Or just simply list down the strategy.

#4 No communication

The mantra for efficient business planning is the division of labor. Make sure to create different departments specialized for each job like HR, marketing, etc. the marketing and PR department needs to be in the loop.

#5 Lack of Posts

It is important to have a strategy for your content and post at least once every day. Otherwise your fans might think that you are not serious about your business or even that you have gone out of it.

#6 Poor customer service

You need to train your customer service representatives to find out the proper answers to the queries by your customers instead of just avoiding them. Making your customer feel important is the first step, it doesn’t matter even if your solutions take a day.

#7 Lack of Lead Generation Strategy

Have a strategy that doesn’t only depend on Facebook. Drive your traffic to the main pages on your website, making them realize that Facebook might be gone someday, but the fans cannot be lost by depending on only a social networking site. Send them letters and updates from your blog posts which would helps you to contact them outside of Facebook or Twitter.

#8 Not joining others

Do not try to fly solo, it’s social networking so be social! Reach other businesses or people interested on a daily level and join in conversations with them.

#9 Always posting about yourself

The favorite subject of people is – themselves! So if you continue bragging about your products on your website, it might push them away. Give your fans a great deal of value and provide resources that help, deals, interesting updates and be funny.

#10 Overload of social media

Being on Twitter, Facebook, Google+,LinkedIn, FourSquare, Instagram, CircleMe, YouTube, Pinterest, all other ones become overwhelming for some people. Choose just one or two and stick to mastering it, where you get the most number of fans and quality engagement from them. If you think you’re very confident on being able to collate all the channels then feel free to go ahead but it always is a tedious task!

This article is contributed by Maegan Pulman. Meagan is a freelance IT consultant and technology enthusiast. She is active in local and international IT events and is always on the lookout for the latest industry trends.

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