How Small Business Owners can benefit from Pay Monthly Websites

By on January 21, 2013

The past couple of years have seen the proliferation of a host of “pay monthly website” service providers. Let us first understand what are pay monthly websites and then I will point out why small businesses may benefit from them.

pay monthly websitesWhat are Pay Monthly Websites?

As the name suggests, pay monthly websites are websites that require a monthly payment for their design, development, hosting, maintenance and marketing. Traditionally, a website development involves one-time cost. But once the website is live, marketing it through SEO and keeping it up-to-date requires extra recurring expenses. But with pay monthly websites, all these costs are bundled together and you pay a fixed monthly fee for all these services.

Why would you need a Pay Monthly Website?

It’s like paying monthly rent for your house rather than buying it outright and maintaining it yourself. Who wouldn’t want the latter option? But for many small businesses, investing in a standard website with custom website design and then again investing on its SEO and maintenance is a costly proposition, especially when revenues haven’t yet started coming in. A cheaper option is to get a pay monthly website service provider, pay a nominal monthly fee, and focus on the more important job of generating the all important revenue. And if anything goes wrong anytime, you can always discontinue the service.

Hiring an SEO expert or a web developer is expensive and if you can get their services in monthly installments, you get the best of both worlds without major investments.

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