The Charlotte Dawson Case – How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Bullies

By on November 11, 2012

[box type=”info”] In today’s post our guest blogger from Australia, Lisa Baker talks about the recent controversy of cuber bullying involving TV host Charlotte Dawson and how people can build more resilience in such situations and withstand bullying. [/box]


Charlotte Dawson Twitter Attack



This blog is in response to the recent incident of online cyber bullying of Charlotte Dawson (of Australia’s next top model fame) by a number of “Twitter Trolls”.

There have been many opinions about this incident.  There have been calls from members of government for better protections against cyber bullying.  Today the Sydney Morning Herald reported other experts saying things like:

“Dawson appeared to have broken one of the cardinal rules of the internet: don’t feed the trolls.”

Online community manager and social media consultant Laurel Papworth said that, by responding to and retweeting attacks such as calls for her to “go hang herself” – and even calling the boss of a woman who abused her online, Dawson gave her enemies the oxygen they craved.

I agree completely with this view but at the same time I have sympathy for the plight of Charlotte Dawson.  She needed to feel she had the strength and resilience to not feed the trolls.

Whilst I have great sympathy, and in fact empathy for anyone being bullied, having felt bullied myself in primary school many years ago, a few questions could be posed to people like Charlotte Dawson.

Why not just block these people using the tools that are there?

When you most need to, why not  just turn off your computer, phone, ipad, etc?

Most Importantly

Why not use your negative energy and feelings to building your own resilience?

An immediate use of all that anger, hurt, and pain could be to switch your attention to doing something positive like taking actions to build your own resilience, which will stand you in greater stead in the long run.

Next time the Twitter warfare starts you will be more resilient and in a better place and space as a result.

The Twitter Trolls would no doubt benefit from some Resilience work too.

A Few Ideas for Positively Building Resilience Instead of Facebooking or Twittering

Positive Self Talk

Do some positive self talk to remind yourself that you are strong and can grow stronger and more wise as you handle life’s challenges. Some calming, coaching and affirming statements will help immediately.

Become Aware

Part of resilience is emotional awareness; it’s important to understand what you’re feeling and why. Use the time to write down how you are feeling in your own private journal.  Knowing why you feel upset can provide valuable information about what you might want to change in your life.   Maintaining a journal can help you explore your inner world and come up with a positive plan of action.

Rally Social Support

People with friends or networks of social support tend to stay healthier and happier throughout life, and tend to cope well with stress. Conversely, those with little support may find themselves more vulnerable, and those with conflicted and unsupportive relationships tend to fare even worse.


Exercise has been correlated with stronger levels of resilience. This may be due to the effects of endorphins on one’s mood, or the physical health benefits to those who exercise, or both. Regardless, adding a regular exercise habit to your lifestyle can benefit you in more ways than one.


[box type=”bio”] Lisa is the co-founder and director of Kaleidoscope Consulting. You can visit the website for more ideas on resilience building. [/box]

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