What is Brand Property?

By on November 17, 2011

All the images, sounds, slogans, colors and other physical elements that carry a brand’s perception over various ad campaigns, mediums and/or product design and packaging. All these elements, even individually, are powerful enough to signify a brand. For example, Microsoft’s operating system has a unique sound that you will always associate with MS whenever you hear it. And Apple products have a milky white colour that makes them unique. Nike’s swoosh is enough to assure you that that the sports shoe you are buying must be genuine.

All iconic brands have some unique tune or color or imagery that is carried forward for years and even decades and thus helps the brand own that element. ICICI makes sure that all it’s communication materials use a particular shade of red and no other color, because that is the brand property of ICICI and helps people identity the brand better. Even illiterate people can know that they are dealing with the Congress Party just by looking at the hand symbol.

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