What are “Me-Too” Brands?

By on November 21, 2011

Copycat branding is perhaps the most negative deterring force that a marketer may have to face. Remember the Naik shoes or abcids travel bag that was available in the local flea market? These are nothing but copycat brands.

A copycat brand is characterized by very closely resembling communications similar to a leading brand. This can be in the form of logo, or name, colours used in the brand, or packaging. Copycat brands leverage the equity of leading brands by selling to customers who are not very aware of the brands and the ad communications. These are generally the simpletons from the remote villages. However copycat brands may also be prevalent in major cities and towns as well.

Copycat or me-too brands are encouraged by the short term benefits of such leveraging, and these, blind them from the possible legal implications which may include lawsuits, forced re-branding, or corporate embarrassment.

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