What is the Difference Between Brand Identity and Brand Image?

By on December 11, 2011

The terms “brand image” and “brand identity” are often used interchangeably. However, there is a different between the two, even though, both relate to the same thing.

Brand Image is the total personality of the brand. It is the set of perceptions that the customers have in mind about a particular brand. It signifies what the brand currently stands for, how it is viewed by the customers. The brand’s image really determines its position in the market, regardless of what the technical details may be.

Brand identity, on the other hand, is how the company presents the brand to the market, how it wants its customers to view its brand.

Eventually, the identity of a brand that a company wants to portray may not be the image that the customers have in their mind about the brand. In such a scenario, it will be clear that the branding process has not been very effective, that there is a mismatch between what the company wants to portray and what the customer actually perceives. One of the most important responsibilities of a brand manager is to find out this gap and to fill it with suitable changes in the communication strategy.

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