Business Card Marketing Tips and Strategies

By on June 30, 2014

Branding is all about creating an identity and the creation of this identity invariably starts with the customary exchange of business cards. And for self employed professionals business cards may be the most important marketing tool available. Business card marketing helps you to utilize its full potential and not just use it for exchanging contact information.

Strategic use of business cards can help you generate leads from chance meetings. Long after you are gone and your potential customer has forgotten your face, it is your business card that will remind him about you. So make your card and powerful marketing tool.

Here are 5 ways you can do this.

5 Tips for Business Card Marketing

Describe Your Offerings

First and foremost your business card should explain clearly what you offer. List down all the products and services you have on offer. Even though business cards are primarily for exchanging contact information, for a new customer it helps if you tell them who you are and what you have to offer. You typically describe your offerings through the use of smart punch lines.

Use Professional Design and Print

Having a top class business card with professional and creative design and premium printing and paper quality will go a long way in building trust with your potential customers. And eventually this trust will translate to sales. To give a premium feeling you can use hard transparent plastic cards or tri-luxe cards from Signazon. Pay special attention to details. Any typos, spelling mistakes or wrong contact info can be disastrous.

Distribute Strategically

Don’t leave any opportunity to give your business card to people who matter.  Tag along your card with any gifts you give to people. Stick them on bulletin boards or on the doors of prospective customers. Carry them to your gym or to the parties you attend. No matter what, always carry your card with you. You never know when you will need one.

Use Card Space Creatively

You can convey your business offering very creatively by integrating the service in your card design itself.  Every inch of space on your card is precious and use can use it to convince your customers. You can add a couple of testimonials on the back of your card or use a witty quote to make your point.

Put a Face on Your Card

You can consider adding your photograph in your card, specially if you are self employed individual and your business depends on self promotion. Your face on your card will help your customers remember you better.

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