What is Brand Personality

By on November 19, 2011

Brand personality is the identity of a brand. It is the maintenance of all the qualities and attributes by which a brand is known by the audience. Creating a successful brand personality follows a successful brand positioning. It is the badge by which your customers recognize your brand.

To successfully maintain the personality of their brands smart brand managers go to the extent of creating a “profile” of their brand as if the brand were a real person and then test and measure all attributes against actual customer response and if there is any mismatch in what the customer perceives and what the brand should be perceived, he sets out to correct it with a proper communication strategy.

For example if Axe, the brand were to be a person, it would be a male and a “playboy” who can attract women with ease. Every communication strategy of axe builds up on this personality. And so men flock to buy Axe, believing that some of the axe effect would rub off on them too.

If only, advertising told the truth!

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