Vicco: The Ayurvedic Brand

By on January 3, 2012

Vicco, is probably one of India’s oldest manufacturers of beauty products. Vicco Turmeric, was launched in the year 1952. Vicco is in the ‘naturals’ segment of the beauty industry.

Since the beginning Vicco has not positioned itself as a fairness  brand, but as a natural and ayurvedic product manufacturer. Followed by Vicco Turmeric, the flagship product of the company, there were other ayurvedic products the company markets, including Vicco Vajradanti toothpase, Vicco Vajradanti Powder, Turmeric Multipurpose cream, Turmeric Face wash and Narayani Cream.

Vicco Turmeric

The flagship product, Vicco Turmeric, was targeted towards the young woman, about to get married. During those times, marriage was the most important and the most celebrated occassion of a woman’s life. Vicco appealed to that particular segment of the market, with its product, which was also not earmarked as a cosmetic, but as a natural alternative.

Over the years, as the outlook of people changed, competitors like Fair & Lovely, changed their positioning to meet the changing requirements of the modern woman. Vicco never changed its positioning and maintained its conservative outlook. The products were successfully exported to many countries, and it still remains one of the best natural beauty products in the country.

The competition started overtaking Vicco, in terms of advertising and positioning, and the conservative approach of Vicco saw it lose to HLL’s (Now HUL) Fair and Lovely. Over the years the advertising of Vicco has been pretty basic, and not changing with the times. Here are few of the old Vicco advertisements

Vicco is a classic example of a brand suffering from ‘Marketing Myopia’. Vicco could not foresee the change in perspective of the target audience. It did not acknowledge the fact that the modern woman has much more to celebrate in life, than just marriage. It has seen competitors gain market share, while it lost it to them.

However, these things apart, Vicco is still the best natural beauty product manufacturer in the country. Competitors have tried to incorporate ‘turmeric’ in their products, but have miserably failed. A change in perspective, and aggressive attitude towards competition and its target, would have taken Vicco to a totally different place than where it currently is. Will Vicco re-brand itself? Will it become a force to reckon with, again?


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