Project Glass: Google Strikes Back

By on May 12, 2012

Project Glass: One small step for Google, one giant leap for Mankind.

OK, that was very cheesy. But hold your breath for a second, pause and watch the video below.

Now you can breathe and stop drooling, you nerd !

I am going to go on a rant here, so if you want to get more details about the product, click here.

We as consumers have become overwhelmed by technology, the vast array of products, innovating at a rabid pace, a technological marvel in the morning becomes obsolete by evening. The internet revolution, the mobile revolution, the social networking revolution, the smart phone revolution one after another at such a blinding pace, that we have become numbed. This blitzkrieg of technological wonders has left us immune and desensitized to any “new” innovation. We take it for granted, we expect it, and if we don’t get it, we are simply unamused.

But a few seconds ago when we saw that video, that changed. We saw something magical. Something we only read about in sci-fi novels and see only in Hollywood  movies. The line between magic and science, became more blurred, all thanks to Google. The old wily magician has still some new tricks left in its big bag of wonder. Google which started its journey as a friendly neighborhood search engine. Rescuing hapless netizens from getting lost in the wild wild web, is now a fully grown innovation driven, paradigm changing  disruptive force.

From its inception Google had only one focus, creating disruptive technologies and push the boundaries of innovation to never seen before landscape. While the world is busy applauding Apple for its iProducts and Facebook for connecting half the planet, Google was busy trying to change the world.

For this specific purpose, they created the “Google X Labs” initiative, headed by Google co-founder Sergey Brin. If it sounds like some secret underground lab facility where all the weird sci-fi experiments are done. You wouldn’t be far from the truth. Listen to few of the projects they are working on- space elevators, asteroid mining, self driving car (which is out already, check it out here), the web of things.

The Buzz in the tech world was that Google had lost its innovative edge to not only bring a new level of evolution, but a ‘Revolution’ to any industry/product it touches. Everyone thought that Google was losing its cutting edge since it was no more a start-up , but rather another one of those Blue Chip silicon valley dinosaurs. We all thought that Google was like a giant now, sleeping now on its accolades such as Search, Maps, GMail for which they know they have a huge user base.

The Tech World thought that Google had reached its zenith and can’t go any higher. But with Google X Labs and Sergey Brin leading the charge backed up by a brilliant team of scientists, inventors and visionaries, coming up with what at first glance seem like crazy ideas or science fiction like Project Glass,  we now know that the giant was merely dreaming and coming up with ideas as to ‘What’s Next’ and now that the giant is up from its slumber. The sky is the limit.

So for a few minutes, lets just forget about the pesky privacy issues, patent lawsuits, anti-competitive practices and wannabe products, and breathe in the pure joy of witnessing the birth of a revolutionary idea and the rebirth of brand Google.

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