Maggi Noodles: The Two Minute Brand

By on January 17, 2012

Maggi is the brand owned by Nestle. Nestle India launched Maggi 2 minute noodles, an instant noodles, in the year 1982. Maggi noodles became an instant hit, and found an unmissable feature in the middle class Indian household. The product was so popular, that Maggi did to noodles in India, what Xerox did to photocopiers worldwide.

Nestle, having the first mover advantage, was able to maintain market leadership until the early 2000s even. The Maggi story is also a lesson for marketers who wish to extend a band name successfully across different products. Maggi had launched soups, ketchup, and sauces to leverage the brand equity by the year 1990. Later Nestle also forayed into other food segments like pickles, using the Maggi brand, but it was unsuccessful and the products were dumped. Maggi also introduced a range of pastas in the year 2009 to complement the consumers need for variety in snack foods.

In the early 80s Maggi was positioned as a quick to cook noodles. The tagline used was “Fast to Cook. Good to Eat”. The same theme continued in the 90s as well, but the communication was a little different. In the 90s the communication changed from the kids coming home hungry and asking their mother for something, to the kids saying that they were hungry and they wanted Maggi quickly. This emphasized the brand’s popularity, and also reflected on the role children played in influencing buying decisions (subtly).

In the year 2006, Nestle began rebranding itself as a Health and Wellness company. In line with this, Maggi products were promoted with the tagline “Taste bhi, Health bhi”. This has been done across the product range of Maggi. Currenlty the following are the products which are being marketed by Nestle India, under the Maggi brand


  • Maggi Vegetable Multigrain Noodles
  • Maggi 2 Minute Noodles
  • Maggi Vegetable Atta Noodles
  • Maggi Cuppa Mania


  • Maggi Pazzta


  • Maggi Sauces
  • Maggi Pichkoo


  • Maggi Healthy Soups
  • Sanjeevani Maggi Healthy Soup

Cooking Aids

  • Maggi Magic Cubes
  • Magi Bhuna Masala
  • Maggi Coconut Milk Powder
  • Maggi Pizza Mazza
  • Maggi Masala-ae-Magic

Maggi is competing with Heinz, Top Ramen, Sunfeast, Wai Wai, and Knorr Soups in their respective categories/products. Among the competition, Maggi is the highest spender, for promotion across all the product categories. Nestle, with Maggi, has proved many a critic’s opinion that extension of a brand will lead to the brand’s dilution, to be wrong. By reading the markets, meeting the needs of the changing customer, and having a uniform marketing communication across products, Maggi has become one of India’s superbrands.

Here are few TVCs of Maggi Products Over the years

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