Ganapati Papa Glorious!!!

By on September 19, 2012

His name starts with “G”, yet around a billion people believe in the fact that everything starts with him. You may see Indian streets even without roads laid, but not without a Ganesh temple. Almost all kinds of organizations invariably have a Ganesh temple in their premises. The reason being so simple, Ganesh is ready to sit even under a tree unlike Lord Vishnu who needs space to lie down or, Lord Lakshmi who needs a lot of ornaments.

The first super hero of any Indian child, for the simple fact that he was smart enough to cheat his sibling and grab a mango. Mischief his inherent quality and eating his predominant hobby makes him get closer to a common man compared to other focussed and fit Gods.

It is interesting to analyse how “Ganesh” has evolved as a super brand that everyone loves, not taking into consideration the zillions of who knows sub categories in Hinduism. It is quite evident that the twist specifying Ganesh written on the top of all answer sheets help over a millions pass exams every year!!!

I was going through an article called “Most Important brand characteristics of Gen Y”. And here comes my rationale behind me calling “Ganesh” a super brand.

1. Has his own style:
Of course, a huge tummy, smartness in getting things done, the most intellectual of all Gods and a lot more to add to the fact that he is stylish that Rajnikanth.

2. Makes me feel happy:

The first thing anyone could recollect about Ganesh temples is the variety of prashad or offerings. The rich ghee and cashew filled limited tasty food would make anyone happy.

3. Is up-to-date:
Ganesh with cricket bats, kicking football during the respective world cups, even missiles during war times is a normal scene in the sub-continent. He is so flexible to endorse any product, that too free of cost and hence is always up-to-date.

4. Has a clean reputation:
No black marks in the whole of his mythological career, at least Ram was suspicious about Sita, Krishna made all tricky strategies wheras Ganesh remaining clean and is more promising of delivering results to his devotees.

5. Is real/authentic:
Belief and blind belief is extensive in Ganesh’s case way ahead of others. I have rarely heard stories of his dad or brother’s idols drinking milk, but every six months some or the other Ganesh idol drinks milk and created hype. People blindly believe that he is real.

6. Is something I can identify with:
Here, all credits to the one who designed such a brand. Really hats off to our mythology, the way of relating things is a flawless way. As we all know an elephant has great strength, has a superb memory and is a peace loving creature unless anyone troubles it, Ganesh does all these too. The moment he knows the worls has trouble, he loses temper.

7. Is clear and simple:
No complex ideas like the Gita, does not need highly complex rituals of hymns. Simplest of all Gods, an idol made of sand, bananas being a reasonable offering, moreover a four liner hymn and four sit-ups ensure miracle.

These characteristics have ensured that he stays in the hearts and homes of around a billion people. Established as the biggest organization, with even more branches than government offices or even CCDs for that matter. All he needs it a tree with some branches for shade.

Not sure if Nano proves to be a people’s car, but any brand trying to become a people’s brand must learn from the success story of Lord Ganesh!!!

Ganapati Papa Glorious!!!

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