Vintage Ads- Old Indian Advertisements- Part 2

By on January 10, 2012

We recently began a series of old Indian ads. These commercials were very popular among the Indian public during their times. In case you have missed part 1, you can find it here. Here is part 2 of the series.


Marketers have always tried to position Malted milk drinks as a complete dietary supplement for growing children. However in mid 1980’s, Glaxo came up with a TVC that associated Horlicks with the needs of old age.

Vicco Vajradanti

We recently wrote about Vicco, the ayurvedic products brand. here is another TV commercial of Vicco Vajradanti.

Vicco took on Colgate Palmolive, claiming that vajradanti had all the ingredients that were necessary for oral care. Which were indeed missing in those fine powders (Mainly Colgate).


Undoubtedly, this TVC can be termed as the hottest add of 1980’s. Karen Lunel, the Liril girl then wore a
green bikini to symbolize freshness, and women liberation. Who can forget the ‘Laa La La Laaaa’ jingle.

Band Aid

In the era of Kapil Dev, and Sunil Gavaskar, Johnson&Johnson experimented with young Tendulkar. This
apparently also happened to be the first TVC for the iconic brand builder.

Contributed by one of our readers, Kapil Khemani.

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