Vintage Ads- Old Indian Ads- Part 8

By on September 7, 2012

[box] Our reader Kapil Khemani, sends in his commentary on few more Indian advertisements from the past. Read on.[/box]


In 1990, Karamchad Appliances became the pioneers for mosquito repellents in India they introduced an appliance (Allout) that could vaporize liquid repellents. Allout was smokeless, also the liquid refill lasted for some 30 days. Thus, Allout gained competitive advantage over its counterparts like mats and coils. No one can forget this funny commercial which was part of the initial marketing campaign for allout.

Le Sancy Soaps

Uniliver positioned Le sancy as a soap that does not dissolve easily under water. However, this brand failed in India. Consumers were looking for more than just an everlasting soap. The ad however, was very famous during its heyday.

Fevi Kwick

This TVC can arguably be termed as the funniest in 1990’s. Pidilite positioned fevi kwick as an one drop adhesive that bonds almost everything in a snap. This TVC was very popular and was one of the most efficient vehicles driving the USP of the product to many homes in India.

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