Apple Mac: Basically You Are An Idiot

By on August 5, 2012

Apple across the years has been renowned for their brilliant marketing efforts, the “Think Different” and “Get a Mac” campaign comes to the mind. With such a strong legacy, the latest attempt becomes all the more dubious. The latest campaign focuses on Apple “Genius’s” trying to enlighten unsuspecting users about how to make the best use out of their Mac systems.

Take a look for yourself:


If you believe what the ad implies.

Then Yes my dear Mac user you are an idiot.

I can understand the intention behind the ad, an attempt to highlight the customer service aspect and show that Apple genius’s are there to help the customer in distress. But the message that comes out from it is that the average mac user is not so bright with computers. In the ad it shows the customer couldn’t differentiate between a Mac and “basically” a Mac. The “Genius” has such an obvious “oh-my-god-I-cant-believe-you-are-so-dumb” expression on his face. You cant help but get turned off by this.

Making your users look dim is certainly not the best strategy to attract new customers. No doubt your customers will need help with the products and that is the reason you have a customer care service in the first place. But there is a world of difference between “happy to help” and a condescending attitude. The former guarantees a fruitful relationship with your customer and the latter a sure shot way to ensure the customer is not coming back for help anytime soon.

For the kind of stature Apple currently enjoys, it will easily get away without breaking a sweat. But when the wheel turns and the chips are down, the little gestures count a lot in a real life situation. For the time being, lets just dismiss this as being a tiny blip in an otherwise remarkable marketing legacy.

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