What did McDonalds do to the Billboard?

By on May 7, 2012

The billboard has been the most traditional form of outdoor advertising. Brands have been very creative in coming up with eye catching bill boards, most of which do not really catch the eye of the passengers travelling in automobiles. Even if it does, not many viewers view it long enough to get the full message.

McDonald’s recently came up with a new idea by re-inventing the billboard. They put up a blank billboard, which was all white by day. Passers by during daytime saw nothing but a huge white canvas staring at them. While as night approached, the billboard went completely invisible but for Messages written on reflective tape which read “Open all Night”.

McDonald’s is known to come up with unique outdoor ads. Earlier McDonald’s was in the news for coming up with their double arches, on the roadside, made of entirely of poppy seeds. The reflective billboard is quite unique and delivers a message that is hard hitting, as well as utilitarian.

[Source: Foodbeast.com]

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