KAUST University: Augmented Reality Advert

By on June 24, 2012

Remember how last week I had boldly announced “Welcome to the Future” with the Microsoft Kinect NUads.

Well lets do that one more time shall we “Welcome to the Future again”

KAUST University in collaboration with the Nature Publishing Group ran an augmented reality advertising campaign.

Check out the video below.

You can click here to look at the actual Print advertisement.

Impressed yet?

An augmented reality advertising campaign. A new category of advertising is born. You cannot call it “new” exactly. It is traditional media, with a technology layer on top, turning your one way impressionist advert into an interactive one. In the video you can see, how focusing the camera on certain parts of the ad, you can access different information. You have got to admit, that is cool. For a university boasting of an impressive campus and its facilities. This is a surely a cool way to show-off. If I were a student looking for admissions. I would definitely check this out and even share the info willingly.

But let us look things in a broader context. How this changes the game for media and advertising. How technology can open new doors/windows, hell open some damn new hotels of opportunities. An opportunity to create, to amaze, to wow , to dazzle, to disrupt, to blow away your audience and your competition. Imagine an ad for a car, just focus your smartphone on the ad and a 3D rendering jumps out of the magazine. You can check out the interiors, the engine sound, focus on the lights, the curves, heck it could be a virtual test drive sitting in your toilet seat.

How this would pan out is anybody’s guess.  The stage is set, the required tools are in place. Marketers are only limited by their imagination.

I cant help but get excited.


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