What is Drip Marketing?

By on July 13, 2014

Drip MarketingDrip Marketing is a marketing communication strategy that uses a series of pre defined communication messages (or “drips”) sent over an extended period, at regular intervals. The idea is to insinuate a promotional message gently and steadily into the minds of target audiences, instead of bulldozing it through an ad blitzkrieg. This technique is particularly useful when the marketing budget is low and the continuity of communication is required.

Whatever be the medium chosen for drip marketing, the communication messages follow a predetermined pattern and are aimed to encourage target audience to move slowly towards the desired action after each message.

The 3 Cs of Drip Marketing

Content – All said and done, your marketing campaign is as good as the message it carries. So the content of your ads, your emails, your social media shares, make a lot of difference when it comes to persuading your target audience

Conversation – A very important tenet that separates drip marketing from regular marketing is that it seeks to build a conversation with the TG through small chunks of communication messages.

Continuity – Another very important aspect of drip marketing is it’s continuity over an extended period of time. It’s a slow process and only with continuous efforts can it be effective.

Drip Marketing Mediums

Even through drip marketing can be implemented through mass media ads, the most common mediums for drip marketing are:

Emails – The biggest advantage of emails as a drip marketing medium is that it is relatively cheaper to send multiple messages to your TG over a period of time. Also, the whole process can be automated, reducing the costs further.

Direct Mails – Direct mails are costlier than emails but are much more effective in generating leads and hence sales.

Social Media – Social media is the ideal tool for drip marketing. Regular “updates” in your social community is a great way to slowly convince people to buy your product or idea.

Examples of Drip Marketing

An educational institute may convince students to enroll for a program after gradually convincing them through drip marketing. A political party may promote its ideology using drip marketing and change the political preferences, because people don’t change their political preferences overnight after looking at big ticket ads. They are “brainwashed” gradually.

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