What is Buzz Marketing?

By on November 24, 2011

Buzz marketing, or viral marketing, or viral advertising refers to the use of existing social networks among people to create awareness about a brand. Earlier, in the absence of internet and social networking websites, word of mouth, was used to create buzz. Technology and internet have changed the way advertisers create buzz.

In the current context of internet and social media, viral marketing refers to the use of self replicating processes, to create awareness. This is achieved by way of video clips, flash content, images, text, ebooks, or software. The message spreads similar to a virus in a computer network, requiring little to no effort from the originator, to pass is on to others.

The earliest use of the term can be traced back to Harvard graduate Tim Draper. However the term was popularized by multiple authors who wrote on the topic over a period of time.

Buzz Marketing is successful because individuals trust other individuals more than organizations, where it may be believed that the particular advertiser has vested benefits in promoting the product (especially with the advent of PPC advertising).

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