5 Outdoor Advertising Ideas for Creative Brand Building

By on July 5, 2014

Great outdoor advertising ideas are not hard to come by with little use of imagination mixed with great and cost effective execution. For those who have a good advertising budget, billboard at a prominent junction is the obvious choice.

But for those who have their hands tied with budget restrictions may opt for other innovative methods of outdoor advertising or less premium location.

Whatever be the medium or location of outdoor advertising, it has some clear advantages over print or electronic media in terms of non-dependence on the medium for effective communication or the frequency of exposure.

Let’s have a look at 5 other Outdoor Advertising Ideas

Building Signage

If your office building happens to be by the roadside, you can utilize your building exterior as an outdoor advertising platform. Do a survey of other such building signage and banners and get a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. Get a professional design to design your signage or get a custom banner from dozens of online companies available.

Company Vehicles

Getting your ads stuck on your company vehicles while it is busy moving around town for work, is a great idea that will give you an advertising medium without incurring any cost. This works especially well if your business is moving around town, for example, courier delivery companies, pizza delivery companies, paid taxi cabs, etc.

Outdoor advertising ideas

Mobile Vehicle Advertising

If your company doesn’t own vehicles then your hire vehicles which exist for the sole purpose of outdoor advertising. From tricycles to flatbed trucks that carry your billboard or vinyl banners – you can get as creative as you can with such vehicles. To grab more eyeballs you can even install an oversized replica of your product.

Human Billboard

Human billboards are a great outdoor advertising idea if you are little adventurous. Hire a group of people, clad them in sandwich billboards, let them walk down the busy street together and you will have a great eye grabbing promotional stunt.

IKEA human billboard


Unconventional Locations

Fire up your imagination and use unconventional locations like starcase, elevators, lavatory, garbage bin, park bench, etc for getting your brand message across in the most creative way possible. Showing ads where people least expect them is a great way to make a long lasting impression.

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